Day #4 | Thursday 29th July


Morning Session – Group Performance Class

During this mornings performance session the Monsters of Rock class worked hard on their group set for the showcase performance tomorrow (Friday 30th July @ 4.30pm – MAPA Building, City of Bath College). The class rehearsed Velvet Revolver’s ‘Slither’ and Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Hey Joe’ with drummer Harry and singer Patrick.

Monsters of Rock learning Jimi's 'Hey Joe'

Monsters of Rock learning Jimi's 'Hey Joe'

Afternoon Session – Band Performance Class

After lunch the Monsters of Rock class gathered into their bands and rehearsed their medley sets in the practice rooms with the tutors stepping in as session musicians.

The Monsters of Rock class will be performing:

  1. Hey Joe – Jimi Hendrix
  2. Slither – Velvet Revolver

Vice Versa

Vice Versa

Vice Versa – Harry, Lloyd & Frankie

  1. Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  2. Paranoid – Ozzy Osbourne
  3. Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne
  4. Iron Man – Ozzy Osbourne
  5. Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin
Out Of Order

Out Of Order

Out Of Order – Lawrence, Frank & Joe

  1. Back In Black – AC/DC
  2. Walk This Way – Aerosmith
  3. Turn Out The Night – Deep Purple
  4. Schools Out – Alice Cooper
  5. TNT – AC/DC

Velvet Rose Max & Harry

  1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Train – AC/DC

    Velvet Rose

    Velvet Rose

  2. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love – Van Halen
  3. Had To Cry Today – Blind Faith/Joe Bonamassa
  4. Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns ‘n’ Roses
  5. Paradise City – Guns ‘n’ Roses

The bands then finalised their band logos for their back drop projector images for the showcase performance.

Extreme Rock

Extreme Rock Performance

Extreme Rock Performance

The Extreme Rock class will be performing:

  1. Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne
  2. Why – Joe Satriani
  3. Tequila – Wes Montgomery

Today the guys ditched their picks and learnt ‘Tequila’ Wes Montgomery style, whilst learning some tasty chords along the way. We had a blast at ” Mables Fatal Fable ” by Jason Becker for fun and a good technique workout, and finally focussed on polishing up the songs ready for tomorrows showcase performance.


Today we covered:

– Snare drum technique, with varied accents in single sixteenth notes.


This was an interesting challenge for the students, as it taught them how to play leading from both their right hands and then left. These exercises are great for building your chops and technique. Again we applied this to the drum kit moving the exercises around the toms and cymbals.

Well done to the boys, tomorrow will be all about rocking with the bands its gonna be ace! – Tom


About Richard Perkins

Richard Perkins is the founder of Bath Guitar School and has worked for the International Guitar Foundation, Brit Awards, Rockschool, B&NES Council, Mid Somerset Festival, Bath Music Plus, and appeared on BBC and ITV television and radio programming as well as being featured in Guitar Techniques, Total Guitar, Venue, Bath Life magazines and the Bath Chronicle newspaper. Richard is a graduate of the Commercial Music degree programme at Bath Spa University and has a HND in Popular Music from Oxford College.
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2 Responses to Day #4 | Thursday 29th July

  1. caroline smart (lloyd's aunt) says:

    Fascinating to see what they’ve been doing. It all looks quite advanced. Is there a recording of the final performances somewhere?

  2. Hello Caroline,

    Please check and/or the Blog for recordings in the next week or so…



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